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Guitar Combos

AER Compact 60

Ampeg Reverb Rocket

Fender 65 Deluxe (1 x 12)

Fender Champion (1 x 6)

Fender Super Reverb (4 x 10)

Fender Twin (2 x 12)

Fender "The Twin” (2 x 12)

Fender Twin FSR (2 x 12)

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (1 x 12)

Fender Hot Rod Deville (2 x 12)

Fender Hot Rod Deville (4 x 10)

Fender Blues Junior (1 x 12)

Fender Blues Deluxe (1 x 12)

Fender Blues Deville (4 x 10)

Fender Princeton

Fender Vibrolux (2 x 10)

Line6 Flexitone III (2 x 12)

Marshall JCM 2550

Marshall JTM60 (2 x 12)

Marshall Bluesbreaker (2 x 12)

Marshall MA50C / MA100C

Marshall MHZ40C

Mesa Boogie MK1 / MK3 / MK4

Peavey Classic 30 / 50

Peavey Delta Blues

Roland JC120

Trace Elliot TA100R / TA300

Acoustic Combo

Vox AC30

Guitar Amplifier Heads and Cabs

Marshall JCM800 / JCM900 Head

Marshall JCM2000 DSL / TSL Head

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head

Orange AD30HTC Head

Peavey 6505 Head

Marshall 1960 Cab (4 x 12)

Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 Cab

Orange PPC412 Cab (4 x 12)

Peavey 6505 Cab (4 x 12)

Bass Combos

Ampeg B15R (1 x 15)

Ashdown C410 (4 x 10)

Fender Bassman (4 x 10)

Gallien Krueger MB150 MicroBass

Mark Bass Combo (1 x 15)

Mark Bass Combo (2 x 10)

Marshall MB4210

SWR Redhead (2 x 10)

Trace Elliot TE1210 (4 x 10)

Trace Elliot TE1210H (2 x 10)

Bass Amplifier Heads and Cabs

Aguilar DB571 Head

Ampeg SVTI / SVT2 / SVT4 Head

Ampeg SVT Classic

Ampeg SVT Heritage

Eden WT800 Head

Fender Bassman Head

Gallien Krueger 800RB Head

Gallien Krueger GK1001 Head

Hartke HA5500 Head

Trace Elliot AH1200 Head

Trace Elliot AH600 Head

Aguilar DB115 Cab (1 x 15)

Aguilar DB410 Cab (4 x 10)

Ampeg SVT810 Cab (8 x 10)

Ampeg SVT410 Cab (4 x 10)

Eden D410 Cab (4 x 10)

Eden D115XT Cab (1 x 15)

Fender Bassman Cab (4 x 12)

Gallien Krueger 115B Cab (1 x 15)

Gallien Krueger 410RBH Cab (4 x 10)

Hartke 4.5XL Cab (4 x 10)

Hartke 115XL Cab (1 x 15)

Trace Elliot 1048H Cab (4 x 10)

Keyboard Amplifiers

Roland KC550 / KC300

Peavey KB3

Roland KC-550 Keyboard Combo
The KC-550 boasts 180 watts of powerful sound via a 15-inch speaker and horn tweeter. In addition to its four input channels, this flagship amp includes an Output Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination, a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment and an XLR Line output for direct connection to a mixing console.
Pioneer DDJ-SZ
Orange AD30HTC Amplifier
The AD30HTC has two completely separate signal paths, each with two stages of gain and master volume controls so both channels can be set clean or coaxed into varying degrees of crunch. Channel One has a slightly mellower character, with a thick, creamy, classic voice. Channel Two produces a tighter bass response and a faster attack with more gain and a more prominent upper midrange.
Orange AD30
Ampeg SVT Classic Bass Amplifier
The harmonically rich sound and legendary performance of the Ampeg SVT are redefined in the SVT Classic. This dynamically powerful all-tube bass amp delivers a thunderous 300-Watts of unsurpassed quality, reliability and tonal flexibility.
Orange AD30